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voir en couleur de rose.


Pizza and Wine Guide


Pizza and Wine Guide

10 Mr. Rogers Quotes You Need to Read

And just like that.

An old book of short stories sits on a table outside on the porch.  The neighbors are having a party and the sound of their joy, the shrill of children’s laughter, while pleasing, also further nudges the desire for some peace from the world outside.  Thin windows of a century-old house will provide none.  Not in this city.

The book is open and the wind is blowing its pages, first slowly like a tease, back and forth, not allowing eyes to settle on one particular paragraph. There’s a romance in the air and it’s so sweet your lungs naturally expand to breathe it in, but before you can blink twice, the pages begin turning two, three, four at a time.  It all happens so fast.  The story, those precious details, all the unseen victories and awkward silences, the worries, the gentle stretches, the roundabouts, the words chosen so carefully.  It all happens so fast.

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ready or not.

Christmas is in a week and I haven’t even begun to shop or decorate. It’s sad to say the least. I’ve been working so much and when I’m not at work working, it seems like I’m somewhere else working. Or relaxing because I’m tired of working and Christmas shopping and decorating feels like work when you’re so tired of working!  Oh, the vicious cycle.  On the plus side, I’ve been listening to Christmas music since mid-November! 

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Costa Rica | Day 1 

After talking and dreaming about this trip for years, we finally made it. It is both a long overdue vacation as well as our first international trip together!

Our first day here was very long and tiring but now we are settled. We are at Camino Verde B&B in Santa Elena, Monteverde. (Will be here three nights then driving to a coastal town called Santa Teresa.) Most of the way from San Jose to Monteverde was fine (paved highways) but the last hour up the mountain was an unpaved road that was windy and insanely bumpy!! There were huge puddles too since it’s the rainforest, but we rented a full size SUV with 4WD so we made it fine. There are tons of animals just roaming the land/roads as they please… We had a herd of cattle cross the road right in front of us! Lots of goats and dogs around too. The land here is so lush and green, very beautiful. We ate traditional Costa Rican food today: black beans, rice, chicken, fish and plantains… All very delicious!

Our B&B is full of people from around the world. There is a group of U.S. students here for a study abroad program who we hung out with for a bit tonight in the main dining area. This place offers free wifi and use of computers or ipad, free coffee and tea all day, free breakfast from 6:30-8:30am, and they also set up any activities or tours that you want to do. Tomorrow morning, we are doing a 2 hour canopy tour (ziplining) through the rainforest! Then around 5:30pm, we are taking a guided night hike (and will hopefully see a ton of animals!) On Monday morning, we plan to do a guided hike through a wildlife refuge. Zoo man Mitch is really looking forward to it, and so am I. :-)

Saludos y Pura Vida!

Look, whenever I hear or read I’m beautiful, I simply don’t understand it… I’m certainly not beautiful in any conventional way. I didn’t make my career on beauty. Audrey Hepburn. (via missingaudrey)

"All right, Mr. DeMille. I’m ready for my close up." #oldhollywood #filmnoir #sunsetboulevard

"All right, Mr. DeMille. I’m ready for my close up." #oldhollywood #filmnoir #sunsetboulevard

{thoughts a-formin’}

Today Mitch and I started seriously considering the idea of buying a home on a piece of large piece of land away from the city and ranching together. Free range chicken eggs.  Jars full of jam.  The whole bit.  

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